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General Informations

The Department of Medical Sociology exists since 1972 and is part of the Medical Faculty of the Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg (Germany). It's provisional administration is governed by Prof. Dr. Dr. Juergen Bengel from the Institute of Psychology, Department for Rehabilitation Psychology and Psychotherapy, Faculty for Behavioral and Economic Sciences.
It's mission in academic teaching is to organise professional training in the disciplines of Medical Sociology (first year of training), Social Medicine in cooperation with Occupational Medicine and Health Economics, Health system and Public Health (clinical years) in the medical curriculum.
Furthermore students from other faculties (sociology, psychology, philosophy, pedagogics, anthropology, economics) can visit additional lessons and seminaries. The teaching staff of the department is also engaged in continuing and further education for other health professionals.
The annual teaching report of the department including the results of standardized evaluation of educational efforts is part of the faculty's teaching report.
A computer-based books, journal and video library give both to teaching staff and students support in structuring the learning process. The research topics of our department cover both basic and applied social science research areas in medicine and health. To get a list of publications in English language or further informations on research activities please contact U. Stoessel (ulrich.stoessel@medsoz.uni-freiburg.de).
The research activities are documented in the university's annual research report which will be available (only in German language) as 'Forschungsdatenbank der Universitaet'.
Since 1992 the German Coordinating Agency for Public Health/Health Sciences (CAPH), founded by the 'Stifterverband fuer die Deutsche Wissenschaft' in Essen (Germany) is located at our department. Linked to this agency is the secretariate of the 'Accreditation Agency for Study Programmes in Special Education, Care, Health, and Social Work (AHPGS).
The department is also linked to a lot of national and international scientific, health and health-administration organisations.

last update: 30.09.2008